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Our objective is to increase a company’s earnings, cash flow and deployable capital without increasing liabilities, excessive interest, diluting equity or decreasing assets, or causing additional tax exposure, all while increasing shareholder or partnership value.

Synrgy Fund’s system establishes asset calibration measures focused on market-oriented management. It is constant organizational transformation through active partner engagement and participation. Implications derived from best practices and key performance metrics indicating financial and tax advantages. Ernst & Young remarks that 55% of high performers have a structured process of reviewing their portfolio on a regular basis. Through consistent and sound analytical methodologies, Synrgy Fund’s programs adapt to institutional changes and market conditions to assert value added propositions.

We use tax modifiers, accelerants, and exemptions specifically outlined in the TCJA provisions; influential financial instruments and mechanisms, to initiate advancements that otherwise would not be used constructively in an effort to reinvest or recapitalize in deficient areas of a company. It is a concerted effort as a partner and shareholder to increase value through consequential tax treatments and financial maneuvers.

Our approach mirrors the consensus issued by McKinsey & Company that active portfolio management through acquisitions and divestitures create substantially more shareholder value than those that passively hold their businesses, by approximately 30%. Reducing carrying costs of underperforming units, curtailing over-committed resources directed towards business unit saturation or lowering opportunity costs by adequately repositioning capital towards higher-growth alternatives,
adds value.

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