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We partner with companies to capitalize undervalued and underfunded assets that benefit from unrealized tax and financial strategies

Our focus is on structured investments that provide a combination of recurrent income and capital gains with strong downside protection by strengthening our partners' balance sheets through reducing liabilities, carrying costs and impairments, while improving earnings.

We work to unlock the equity covered up on a company's balance sheet, mainly in the form of deficient illiquid assets that do not conform to the expected returns on investments and assets or not critically aligned with the mission and objectives of the company, but would incur a sizable tax penalty or loss if disposed. We neutralize the exposure the company has to any additional tax liabilities that would come from divestment or asset sales through alternative solutions.

In a highly charged interest rate and inflationary environment, decoupling under-performing assets and interests is beneficial. Through collaborative measures and tax advantages realized in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, a more effective and efficient approach to capital restructuring, reorganization and reallocation is a prudent mechanism.

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